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The Ten Minute Listener: A Professional Listening Service




Cory L. Markert

I know how important it is to be heard. Sometimes, all we want is for someone to listen. Do you need to talk to someone? I like to listen. I will listen to you when no one else will.

Are you lonely?

Are you frustrated?

Are you disappointed?

Are you lost?

Do you feel like no one cares?

Are you angry, pissed off?

Feeling vulnerable, cheated, wronged?

Do you need to vent?

Do you need to complain?

Do you need to express your worries?

Do you want someone to hear about your theories?

Do you want to confess your sins?

Do you need to talk?

You can share your thoughts with me, however deep. Share your feelings and thoughts, share whatever you want. I have gone through a lot. I understand life is tough.

Do you want someone to be on your side? I will be on your side.

I am a professional listener. Email me today at and schedule a confidential, 10 minute listening session with me. I will compassionately listen to you. I will listen non-judgmentally.

During our session, I might relay back to you what I hear you saying. Who knows? I might even say something encouraging to you. I mainly listen. I do not give unsolicited advice unless you want me to.

Legal disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional. This is not a counseling session.

I rarely answer questions about myself during our session. This is about you, talking and being heard.

I am here! Talk to me. I am the 10 minute listener. I will hear you out.

The cost for my professional listening service is $10 for ten minutes. All payments are accepted through your Paypal account.

Email me today at to set up an appointment and receive an invoice.

Copyright, Cory Lee Markert, 2016,

All Rights Reserved

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