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"Life is full of trials that test our faith. A great deal of vision, change, and discipline is required before we can become all we were meant to be and attain holy fantasies. Figuratively speaking, after a long journey in the wilderness, a man can reach a beautiful, far-away river. But what will it profit him to look at this river and never cross it? I think people should cross this river and explore what is on the other side, because continuance and risk-taking is how one builds self-esteem and gains knowledge that others' don't have. People must keep going forward no matter what. I don't want to look backward or go backward. I already did that. I want to become all I was meant to be while on planet Earth." 

"The best way to learn about one's self is by life experiences. Being alone is good. Solitude is an important component of imagining and fantasizing, but being with others, talking to them, listening, is an informative and necessary component of our personal journeys on planet Earth. People are a big source of inspiration for many writers, and I also find people to be very interesting. Everyone has a valuable life story--even a dull life story, a boring life story, or a life story that is full of misery--can be quite interesting."

Cory Markert in his 383 square foot HUD studio apartment

My former 383 square foot H.U.D. studio apartment, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

“There’s no other reason a college-educated man would do what I did with the role models I had, other than to immerse myself in life like I did. It's my Persian flaw." 

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