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"He turned the disappointments and setbacks, even a stint of being homeless, into poems and has self-published “The Pizza Toad and Other Poems.” He hired artists to illustrate the work, added commentary to some of his pieces and it’s for sale on Amazon."

The Stockton Record

"One promising piece is “Norco Blues,” which delivers strong opening lines..."

Kirkus Reviews


Cory Markert's The Pizza Toad and Other Poems is a wonderful book of poems with accompanying commentaries. The poems are based on Mr. Markert's observations, brainstorming, and imagination. This book includes funny, witty, and moving poems that are sure to please almost all ages. The poems are long, short and medium in length.


This book also contains sixty beautiful, full-color illustrations by three talented artists.




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New Poem: "The Stalker"

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